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Summit Fire and Medical District has a rich history of working together to achieve the best possible service delivery to rural Flagstaff. That history dates to 1973. Doney Park Fire District was the first predominantly career fire department established in the rural area of Flagstaff. Soon after in 1977 Timberline-Fernwood Fire District, which as predominantly a volunteer department was built. The two-department merged into Summit Fire and Medical District in 2001. Together they advanced the fire district, providing advanced life support to over 10,000 residence in the rural areas of Flagstaff. In 2006 Summit Fire and Medical District started providing service to the Fort Valley area, increase the service delivery area to 90 square miles and 12,000 residents. In January of 2016 Summit Fire and Medical District entered into a two-year Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the City of Flagstaff to share the services of the Fire Chief. This IGA has been extended for an additional 5 years and we are seeing the departments grow in support of each other.


Ensuring exceptional customer service to the community, visitors and surrounding region.

Hello and welcome to the Summit Fire and Medical District (SFMD) Website. I’m so very proud to be associated with the men and women of the SFMD. The passion of our members is rooted in a deep tradition of community engagement and is revealed in the way we serve the community. I hope as you peruse our website you find the information you’re looking for and along the way, understand the commitment to integrity, honesty, respect and trust each member brings to their service.

The Summit Fire and Medical District is an all-risk fire and medical department in the rural Greater Flagstaff Region. We provide paramedic emergency medical service to include responses on highways, wildland firefighting, structural firefighting, and operational responses to technical emergencies such as hazardous materials and technical rescue.

The Summit Fire and Medical District (SFMD) enjoys a unique partnership with the City of Flagstaff. In December of 2015, the governing board of the SFMD entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Flagstaff (COF) for management services of the District. Through the success of that initial cooperative agreement, the SFMD and the COF expanded and extended the IGA. In September of 2018 the IGA was extended for another 5 years. The current relationship has combined the administrative and command staffs of the two fire and EMS departments into a single command staff organization. The resulting benefits improve the services to both agencies customers and provides for improved firefighter safety and efficiencies.

As Fire Chief, I’m proud to serve the communities within the SFMD and the COF. I’m equally proud to represent the men and women of our agencies who are dedicated to life safety and fire protection services. Together we work to ensure exceptional customer service to the community, visitors and the surrounding region.


Chief Mark A. Gaillard



(928) 526-9537
8905 Koch Field Road
Flagstaff AZ 86004
Fax: 928-526-2750


6050 E. Firehouse Lane
Flagstaff AZ 86004

6050 Fire House Lane
(Behind Station 33)
Flagstaff AZ 86004
Fax: 928-522-8347

Station 31

6425 N. Cosino Road
Flagstaff AZ 86004


5500 N. Fort Valley Road
Flagstaff AZ 86001


Station 31
Station 33

The Summit Fire & Medical Community Rooms are available to rent for any type of occasion, from graduation parties and birthdays to group trainings and more. Please fill out the form below to confirm your reservation. Rooms are only available for entire day slots, not partial days. Please note that nothing is confirmed until payment is made.

Community Rooms Pricing:

$50 for renters who live within the Summit Fire and Medical District
$100 for renters who live outside the District

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (928) 526-9537.

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